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List of Tables

Chapter 2: Linux for Windows Programmers

Table 2.1: Typical Directory Hierarchy in Linux

Chapter 3: Tools of the Trade

Table 3.1: vi Insert Mode Commands
Table 3.2: vi Navigation Commands
Table 3.3: vi Pattern Matching Commands
Table 3.4: vi Miscellaneous Commands
Table 3.5: Emacs Commands to Close, Save, and Discard Buffer
Table 3.6: Emacs Navigation Commands
Table 3.7: Emacs Commands to Work with Buffers, Split Windows, and Files
Table 3.8: Emacs Edit Commands
Table 3.9: Most Commonly Used sed Commands
Table 3.10: Most Commonly Used awk System Variables
Table 3.11: Most Commonly Used awk System Functions

Chapter 4: Shell Scripting Explored

Table 4.1: Most Commonly Used Shell Variables
Table 4.2: Most Commonly Used Built-In Commands of the bash Shell
Table 4.3: Command Options Used to Check File Existence
Table 4.4: File Comparison Operators

Chapter 5: Object-Oriented Programming

Table 5.1: String Manipulation Functions
Table 5.2: Functions on Variants
Table 5.3: Description of the __declspec Arguments
Table 5.4: Macros Defining Combinations of __declspec Arguments

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