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How WebLogic Server Fits in an Organization

Because WebLogic Server can be used in many ways, its fit is determined by its purpose. No matter how your company plans to use WebLogic Server, you'll most likely want to have it as the engine behind one or more Web sites.

WebLogic Server comes with its own Web server out of the box. This Web server works with the application server, and caches client information that changes infrequently for increased performance. Additionally, WebLogic Server has plug-ins to work with the most popular Web servers: Apache, Microsoft IIS, and iPlanet.

In its simplest form, WebLogic Server will be used in conjunction with your Web server to deliver dynamic HTML to your customers, partners, and staff. As the needs of your company grow, WebLogic Server accommodates them by providing excellent scalability, extensive security options, and comprehensive administrative monitoring tools to ensure that the needs of your customers are being met.

With its excellent integration services, your Web applications can grow to include data and functionality from multiple relational database management systems (RDBMS), enterprise integration systems (EIS), customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and legacy systems including mainframe applications.

WebLogic Server can also be used to create Web Services whereby your company, your customers, partners, and suppliers can communicate using XML over the Internet. With its incredible new built-in developer tools and full implementation of Web Services technologies, WebLogic Server is the best application server for the creation and execution of Web Services.

Companies That Are Using WebLogic Server

There is no one vertical market for WebLogic Server. Companies from all industries looking for a strong Internet presence have Web sites powered by WebLogic Server. They turn to WebLogic Server because of its proven track record as a high-performance, scalable, latest-standards-compliant, and reliable application server. Here are some of the companies that are using WebLogic Server and BEA products. Their case studies can be found at http://www.bea.com/framework.jsp?CNT=index.htm&FP=/content/customers.

  • Banking

    Chase Manhattan Bank

  • Brokerage

    Charles Schwab Corporation

  • Airlines

    British Airways

    Delta Airlines

    Northwest Airlines

    United Airlines

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