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Chapter 3. Skillset Required for WebLogic Application Development

by Steve Steffen


The skills needed to build an enterprise application with WebLogic Server 8.1 vary somewhat depending on what's being built. However, certain key roles must be covered. This chapter presents those roles, as well as others needed to perform virtually any development using WebLogic Server (WLS) 8.1.

When a significant software project is undertaken, it usually spans multiple groups of people and covers a vast array of knowledge. This knowledge must be managed in an effective way to keep the project on time and on budget. Managers must be knowledgeable in many different areas of the application to best use their resources. Although they might not need to perform this activity, a manager should know the reasoning behind it. At that point, project plans must be created and a division of labor set up. All projects must be

  • Designed

  • Implemented

  • Administered

  • Maintained

Each of these areas has skill sets that overlap. This chapter breaks down, identifies, and describes each needed skill, and then puts each skill into the correct categories.

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