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Chapter 4. Hardware and Configuration Required for WebLogic Application Development

by Steve Steffen


Creating a development environment that meets the needs of the software managers, architects, developers, and testers in a production environment is a crucial step in developing rock-solid applications using WebLogic Server. Several tools must work together to model, develop, test, debug, deploy, and evaluate performance metrics for your application. These tools include

  • Java compilers

  • Integrated development environments (IDEs)

  • Web browsers

  • Version control software

  • Modeling tools

  • Testing software

Minimally, a Java compiler must be installed with a text editor, XML editor, an HTTP 1.1–compliant Web browser, and access to a local or server install of WebLogic Server 8.1. This is all right if it's a small project, but as the scope of a project grows, so must the development environment.

This chapter covers the software needed to begin development with WebLogic Server 8.1 and optional software that helps speed up the process and deliver a better software product.

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