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WebLogic Extensions to the JTA

WebLogic provides the weblogic.transaction package to build on the Sun JTA specification and provide additional functionality.

The WebLogic TransactionManager Interface

As we saw earlier, the javax.transaction.TransactionManager interface is to be used exclusively by an application server to manage container-managed transactions. The WebLogic extension weblogic.transaction.TransactionManager permits access to the transaction manager from components using bean-managed transactions through a JNDI lookup. The bean-managed components can then suspend and resume transactions on their own behalf. The extension can also be used to allow XA resources to register and unregister themselves with the transaction manager on startup.

The WebLogic Transaction Interface

Recall that the javax.transaction.Transaction interface is to be used exclusively by a resource manager. The WebLogic extension weblogic.transaction.Transaction interface allows clients using bean-managed transactions to get and set their own transaction properties.

The WebLogic TxHelper Class

The weblogic.transaction.TxHelper class is a convenience wrapper to gain access to the current transaction manager and transaction. It provides the ability to get the transaction using the transaction manager and to check the status of the transaction.

The WebLogic XAResource Interface

The WebLogic XAResource interface extends the javax.transaction.xa.XAResource interface. It provides the XA resource provider with the capability to delist XA resources.

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