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JSP Tag Library Syntax

Tag libraries are used within the context of a WebLogic application. To use tags within a tag library, the tag library's uri (file location) must first be registered within the application's web.xml (application deployment descriptor) file. This file is located in the application's ..\WEB-INF directory. The tag library's XML syntax is follows:


To use the library within your JSP page after the tag library's uri is set, you must reference the tag library using the taglib directive with the syntax that follows:

WebLogic JSP shorthand

<%@ taglib uri="name-tags.tld" prefix="yourPrefix" %>

XML equivalent

<jsp:directive.taglib uri="name-tags.tld" prefix="yourPrefix" />

Refer to Table 15.3 in Chapter 15, "Writing WebLogic Server JavaServer Pages," for a complete listing of taglib directive attributes. After the tag library is referenced within your JSP page, you can reference tags within the library using JSP syntax as follows:

<yourPrefix:tagName attributes>
 optional tag specific body

See Chapter 18 for further examples of using tag libraries.

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