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EJB Features Deprecated in WebLogic 8.1

Various Entity bean–specific features have been deprecated in this release of WebLogic. These include

  • Ejbc— The old ejbc compiler has been replaced by the appc compiler.

  • Sql-select-distinct— This tag has been deprecated and replaced with support for the DISTINCT query as part of the WebLogic Query Language.

  • Administration Console editing of deployment descriptors— The EJB deployment descriptors can be viewed from the Administration Console, but must be edited using an text or XML editor. A small subset of elements that relate to tuning and performance can still be edited through the Administration Console.

We've now covered all the important aspects of working with Entity beans in WebLogic. However, no chapter about Entity beans would be complete without an introduction to some design issues in the use of EJBs. The remainder of this chapter addresses some design considerations for the proper use of Entity beans.

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