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Although still in their infancy, Web Services are poised to revolutionize the way software is written in the future. Web Services' potential for ubiquitous access makes an extremely compelling argument for lowered transaction and software development costs.

WebLogic Server 8.1 offers tremendous support in building, implementing, debugging, deploying, and securing Web Services. By building on the J2EE infrastructure, Web Services running in WebLogic Server enjoy extensive scalability, reliability, and security.

In this chapter, we discussed these features and demonstrated how a simple Web Services can be written, deployed, and tested using WebLogic Workshop.

Application developers can enjoy the ease of use with WebLogic Workshop and the runtime framework, whereas enterprise developers can take pleasure in the power of WebLogic Server's Ant tasks and the flexibility of creating Web Services by hand.

In the next chapter, we will discuss the Java Connector Architecture that allows applications running in WebLogic Server to communicate with and leverage the functionality found in Enterprise Information Systems (EIS).

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