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WebLogic's Java Connector Architecture Defined

The J2EE Connector Architecture establishes a standard universal mechanism for connecting the J2EE platform to heterogeneous EISs. (see Figure 31.1). It relies on a series of interrelated contracts to establish connectivity between a J2EE-compliant application server and a legacy enterprise management system.

Figure 31.1. The Java Connector Architecture.


WebLogic's implementation of the J2EE Connector Architecture standard provides a pure Java solution to the problem of connectivity between WebLogic's application server and an EIS. By using the J2EE Connector Architecture's uniform API, EIS vendors no longer have to continually customize their products to accommodate the inherent idiosyncrasies found in each J2EE application server on the market. After a connectivity solution has been developed for one application server, it should in theory work on any other application server that supports the standard. For example, a J2EE Connector Architecture resource adapter developed to enable access to an ERP (enterprise resource planning) application in conjunction with WebLogic should be able to plug into a WebSphere J2EE-compliant application server without modification. Portability across heterogeneous application server environments is thus ensured.

By conforming to the J2EE Connector Architecture standard, BEA WebLogic does not require added custom code to extend its support connectivity to different EISs. No matter what the targeted system, the API to access it is neutral. The Connector Architecture enables an EIS vendor to provide a standard resource adapter for its EIS. The resource adapter plugs into WebLogic Server and provides the underlying infrastructure for the integration between an EIS and WebLogic Server. By supporting the Connector Architecture, BEA WebLogic Server is assured of connectivity to multiple EISs. In turn, EIS vendors need provide only a single standard Connector Architecture–compliant resource adapter that has the capability to plug into BEA WebLogic Server.


BEA WebLogic Server 8.1 is completely compliant with the J2EE Java Connector Architecture specification along with J2EE 1.3, and is backward compatible with J2EE 1.2 as well.

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