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Chapter 32. Using SAP's Java Connector with WebLogic Server

By Steve Steffen


Started in 1972 by former IBM employees, Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing (SAP) is a world leader in enterprise resource planning software used to run large corporations. SAP's main product, R/3, runs on several platforms and runs different kinds of applications such as financial, sales and distribution, production planning, and human resources. All these applications work together in one system.

SAP is primarily written in its own proprietary language named Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP/4), a fourth-generation language similar to COBOL. Using ABAP and configuration settings, SAP systems can be uniquely tailored to each individual customer. SAP is not a database; it sits on top of the customer's database of choice. The strength of an SAP system lies in its capability to adapt and meet the needs of the customer. When SAP realized it needed to harness the power of Java and the Internet, it created JCo.

This chapter covers the aspects of connecting, sending data to, and retrieving data from SAP. You learn how to use JCo to call an SAP system. Additionally, you learn how to create a program that listens for and accepts calls from an SAP system.

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