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ASN.1"Information Technology—Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1): Specification of Basic Notation" (ITU-T Recommendation X.680, 1997). ISO/IEC 8824-1:1998.

Base64"Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part One: Format of Internet Message Bodies" (IETF, November 1996). Available at

BASIC-AUTH—RFC 2617: "HTTP Authentication: Basic and Digest Access Authentication" (IETF, June 1999). Available at

Canonical XML"Canonical XML Version 1.0" (W3C, March 2001). Available at

CRL"Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate and CRL Profile" (IETF, January 1999). Available at

ebXML TRP—Message Service Specification ebXML Transport, Routing & Packaging Version 1.0 (UN/CEFACT and OASIS, May 2001). Available at

EJB—Enterprise JavaBeans Specification, Version 2.0 (Sun Microsystems, August 2001). Available at

HTTPR"A Primer for HTTPR: An overview of the Reliable HTTP Protocol" (IBM, July 2001). Available at

IETF—The Internet Engineering Task Force. Available at

J2EE—Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition Specification, v1.3 (Sun Microsystems, August 2001). Available at

J2EE Connector—J2EE Connector Architecture Specification, Version 1.0. (Sun Microsystems, August 2001). J2EE Connector Specification (Sun Microsystems). Available at

J2EE MGMT"JSR 77: J2EE Management" (JCP, September 2001). Available at

JAAS—Java Authentication and Authorization Service (Sun Microsystems). Available at

JAF—JavaBeans Activation Framework Specification, Version 1.0a (Sun Microsystems, May 1999). Available at

JASPCFC—JSR 115: Java Authorization Service Provider Contract for Containers (JCP, April 2001). Available at

JavaMail—JavaMail 1.2 (Sun Microsystems, December 2000). Available at

JCE—Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) (Sun Microsystems). Available at

JMX—Java Management Extensions Instrumentation and Agent Specification, v1.0 (Sun Microsystems, July 2000). Available at

JNDI—Java Naming and Directory Interface 1.2 (Sun Microsystems). Available at

JSP—JavaServer Pages Specification Version 1.2 (Sun Microsystems, September 2001). Available at

JSSE—Java Secure Socket Extension (Sun Microsystems). Available at

OASIS—Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards. Available at

PKCS"Public-Key Cryptography Standards" (RSA Laboratories). Available at

PKI—Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate Management Protocols (IETF, March 1999). Available at

RMI-IIOP"Remote Method Invocation (RMI) over Internet Inter-Orb Protocol (IIOP)" (Sun Microsystems). Available at

SAML"Security Assertion Markup Language" (OASIS). Available at

Servlet—Java Servlet Specification Version 2.3 (Sun Microsystems, September 2001). Available at

SNMP"Introduction to Version 3 of the Internet-standard Network Management Framework" (IETF, April 1999). Available at

SOAP Signature"SOAP Security Extensions: Digital Signature" (W3C, February 2001). Available at

SSL—The SSL Protocol Version 3.0 (Netscape Communications, November 1996). Available at

TIP—Transaction Internet Protocol Version 3.0 (W3C, July 1998). Available at

TLS—RFC 2246: "The TLS Protocol Version 1.0" (IETF, January 1999). Available at

VeriSign—VeriSign, Inc. Available at

WSTK—IBM Web Services Toolkit 2.4 (IBM, September 2001). Available at

X.500 Distinguished Name"Information technology—Open Systems Interconnection—The Directory: Overview of Concepts, Models and Services" (ITU-T Recommendation X.500, 1997). ISO/IEC 9594-1:1998.

XAML—Transaction Authority Markup Language. Available at

XKMS—XML Key Management Specification (W3C, March 2001). Available at

XML Encryption"XML Encryption Syntax and Processing WG Working Draft" (W3C, June 2001). Available at

XML Signature"XML-Signature Syntax and Processing" (W3C, August 2001). Available at

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