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To Karen, Erin and Jessie, my family, my inspiration. For all the moments sacrificed to create this book, my most heartfelt thanks for your understanding.

My thanks to my coworkers at IBM, and in particular the WSTK team for doing such an outstanding job. My thanks also to Rod Smith for fostering an excellent environment for creative work.

My thanks also to the staff at Sams, particularly Tiffany Taylor and Michael Stephens, for the hard work that went into making this project a reality.

Romans 12:2.

—Steve Graham

It is much easier to write a book when others believe you can. My deepest thanks to Pyrra: my true love and a constant source of inspiration. Thanks also to all my friends and co-workers who never stopped being interested in Web services and the progress of the book. See? It's done.

—Sim Simeonov

To Lucy and Yasmine: Thank you for your patience, love, and understanding. This was a major undertaking for a new dad with another full-time job. To my old IBM team, Sam Adams, Steve Burbeck, Jay Casler, Steve Graham, Maryann Hondo, and Rod Smith, thank you for the great, challenging, and receptive work environment. I seriously don't think the concept of Web services would have evolved to where it is today in a different environment. To my new team at Saffron, thank you for replicating that environment!

—Toufic Boubez

Lin—I owe so many things to your patience, support, and most of all your sense of humor. I can never say it enough, but thank you.

—Doug Davis

For all my friends and family who so patiently continue to be there for me through even the busiest times—love and thanks to all of you.

—Glen Daniels

To Michiyo: Thank you for your understanding and patience during this work. Thanks to my kids, Arisa and Ryotaro: You always made me happy with your lovely smiles.

My thanks to all XML and Security team members at IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory.

—Yuichi Nakamura

My thanks to my parents, Jun and Sachie, for bringing me up and always supporting me. My thanks also to Takako and my friends for their encouragement and understanding.

My thanks to my coworkers at IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory for their deep insights on Web services and related technologies.

—Ryo Neyama

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