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    multiple language support  2nd 
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) 
legacy applications.  [See also applications]
legacy systems
    Web services approach to integration 
LF character 
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) 
LINK<*** tag 
linking data
    data encoding 
linking tags (HTML) 
    XML purchase order example 
    data-centric XML example 
    DOM parsing 
    dynamic find program 
    EMail header handler 
    inventory check Web service client 
    Java classes representing invoice data 
    JSP page example 
    Service requestors 
        inventory check Web service implementation 
    SkatesTown example
        core purchase deserialization methods 
        invoice schema 
        PO submission Web service 
        PO submission Web service client 
        purchase order schemas 
    SkatesTown inventory database 
    SkatesTowns product database class 
    XML declarations 
    XML documents
        default namespaces 
        priority attribute (item element) 
    XML Schema
    XML Schemas
        advanced reusability 
        associating schemas with documents 
        complex types 
        defining the priority global attribute 
logical structure