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    (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration standard) 
    API specification 
    Business Registry 
    CRUD API messages 
    delete operations 
    error handling 
        dispositionReport structure 
    IBM and Microsoft web sites 
    Operator sites
    private registries 
        e-marketplace  2nd 
        justification of  2nd 
        partner catalog 
        portal  2nd 
        types of 
    publishing bindings using save_binding operations 
    publishing business information to a UDDI registry 
        businessEntity structure  2nd 
        save_business call  2nd  3rd 
        save_business message structure 
    publishing service information to a UDDI registry 
        bindingTemplate structure  2nd 
        businessService structure  2nd 
        save_service message structure  2nd  3rd 
        tModelInstanceDetail structure 
    registraion Web page 
        business and service details 
        find_binding operation  2nd 
        find_business operation  2nd  3rd  4th  5th 
        find_service operation  2nd 
        find_tModel operation 
        finding information in 
        get_bindingDetail operation 
        get_businessDetail operation 
        get_serviceDetail operation 
        get_tModelDetail operation 
    tModel data structure 
        attributes and elements 
        classification and categorization  2nd  3rd 
        core tModels  2nd  3rd 
        publishing  2nd  3rd 
        save_tModel message structure 
        structure of 
        use of 
    usage model 
        data structures  2nd 
        registry requirements 
        WEb browser interface  2nd  3rd 
    version 1.0 
    version 2.0 
        canonical tModels added 
        error code changes 
        Inquiry API  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th  7th  8th  9th  10th  11th 
        modeling relationships between businessEntity entries  2nd  3rd 
        operators manual 
        Publication API 
        Publication API;add_publisherAssertions operation 
        Publication API;delete_publisherAssertions operation 
        Publication API;get_assertionStatusReport operation 
        Publication API;get_publisherAssertions operation 
        Publication API;set_publisherAssertions operation 
        Publication API;sharing services between businessEntity entries 
        replication specification 
        SOAPAction header changes 
        third-party taxonomies  2nd  3rd  4th 
        XML Namespace updates 
    Web site 
        complex WSDL and corresponding UDDI entries  2nd  3rd  4th 
        dynamic finds  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th 
        saving a UDDI businessService  2nd 
UDDI Business Details Web page 
UDDI Business Registry
    disadvantage of 
UDDI Publication API core specification tModel 
UDDI Service Details Web page 
UDDI Taxonomy API core specification tModel 
    Operator sites 
    (Universal Modeling Language) 
Uniform Resource Identifiers.  [See URIs]
Uniform Resource Names.  [See URNs]
Universal Description, Discovery and Integration standard.  [See UDDI]
Universal Modeling Language.  [See UML]
Universal Standard Products and Services Classification.  [See UNSPSC]
Universally Unique Identifiers.  [See UUIDs]2nd  [See UUIDs]
    (Universal Standard Products and Services Classification) 
UNSPSC taxonomy 
uploadRegister element
    save_tModel message structure 
    (Uniform Resource Identifiers) 
    (Uniform Resource Names) 
Userland software
UTF-8 standard 
    tcpmon  2nd 
    WSDL2Java  2nd 
    (Universally Unique Identifiers)