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Provides a property argument for iswctype( )

#include <wctype.h>
wctype_t wctype ( const char *property  );

The wctype( ) function constructs a value with type wctype_t that describes a class of wide characters identified by the string argument property.

If property identifies a valid class of wide characters according to the LC_CTYPE category of the current locale, the wctype( ) function returns a nonzero value that is valid as the second argument to the iswctype( ) function; otherwise, it returns 0.

The strings listed in the description of the iswctype( ) function are valid in all locales as property arguments to the wctype( ) function.


wctype_t wct_kanji, wct_kata, wct_hira /* , ... */ ;

setlocale( LC_CTYPE, "ja_JP.UTF-8" );

if (( wct_kata = wctype( "jkata" ) ) == 0 )
  wprintf( L"The locale doesn't support the wide-character type "
            "string \"jkata\".\n" ), return -1;
/* ... */
wc = fgetwc( stdin );
if ( iswctype( wc, wct_kata ) )         // Mainly 0xFF66 - 0xFF9F.
  wprintf( L"%lc is a katakana character.\n", wc );

See Also

iswctype( )

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