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Tests the status flags in the floating-point environment against a bit mask

#include <fenv.h>
int fetestexcept ( int excepts  );

The fetestexcept( ) function takes as its argument a bitwise OR of the values of macros defined in fenv.h to represent the floating-point exception flags. The macros are listed under feraiseexcept( ) in this chapter.

fetestexcept( ) returns the bitwise AND of the values representing the exception flags that were set in the argument and the exception flags that are currently set in the floating-point environment.


See the examples at feclearexcept( ) and feholdexcept( ) in this chapter.

See Also

feclearexcept( ), feraisexcept( ), feholdexcept( ), fesetexceptflag( ), feupdateenv( ), fegetenv( ), fesetenv( )

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