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5.21 Sending Dynamic Updates to a Particular Name Server

5.21.1 Problem

You want to send a dynamic update to a particular name server, possibly not the one in the MNAME field of the zone's SOA record.

5.21.2 Solution

Use the BIND 9 version of nsupdate and specify the name server you want to send the update to as the argument to the server command. Then specify the update with an update command. For example:

$ nsupdate
> server ns2.foo.example.
> update delete foo.example. TXT
> update add foo.example. 3600 TXT "This is a test record"
> send

5.21.3 Discussion

nsupdate continues to send updates to the specified name server until you designate a different name server with another server command or exit.

The BIND 8 version of nsupdate doesn't support the server command, but you can use a BIND 9 nsupdate with a BIND 8 name server. In fact, you can use nsupdate with any name server that supports dynamic update. Dynamic update messages have a standard format, after all.

You can use an IP address as the argument to server, too.

5.21.4 See Also


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