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Other Books and Resources

Many of the recipes in this book include references to other books and a few web-based resources. Here's a list of those:

Apache, The Definitive Guide, Peter Laurie and Ben Laurie (O'Reilly & Associates)

For coverage of how to configure virtual hosts in Apache.

The BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual, the Nominum BIND Development Team; the Internet Software Consortium (http://www.nominum.com/resources/documentation/Bv9ARM.pdf)

Nicknames "the ARM," this is the standard configuration reference for BIND 9 name servers, invaluable for name server administrators.

DNS and BIND, by Paul Albitz and Cricket Liu (O'Reilly)

Textbook-style coverage of the Domain Name System and its BIND implementation, organized to follow the maturation of an administrator.

DNS on Windows 2000, by Matt Larson and Cricket Liu (O'Reilly)

A special edition of DNS and BIND that substitutes the Microsoft DNS Server for the BIND name server.

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