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The following people contributed their writing, code, and inspiration to IRC Hacks:

  • Alex North is married with children and works 9-5. In the hours outside of work he is immersed in the wonderful world of IRC. He can be found in this world using the nickname DeadEd and can usually be found haunting the QuakeNet network. He is a Java jibbler and certified game addict and has authored MatchEd and PPF, and he spends large amounts of time and fun playing with them on

  • Chris Smith is an IRC addict who spends most of his time writing bots in strange languages, playing games, or idling on IRC. He can normally be found idling on QuakeNet with the nickname MD87, attempting to work out why his latest bot has decided to kick random people from his channel.

  • David Leadbeater is currently an undergraduate in software engineering at Sheffield Hallam University. He spends much too much time on IRC, mostly on with the nickname dg. He is the author of CGI:IRC, and he likes Perl.

  • Hunter Pine was born in New York and started using a Mac at the age of five, just a month after Wozniak and Jobs unleashed their new computing machine. Hunter now runs Integrate New York, a consulting company in Manhattan specializing in small business computing needs, and spends his leisure time as a server operator on, as well as berating people who are too lazy to use Google in #windows. Hunter lives with his lovely wife, Anna, and their two kittens, Andromeda and Cassiopeia. He also despises writing about himself in the third person.

  • Jennifer Golbeck is a Computer Science PhD candidate at the University of Maryland, College Park, where she studies complex systems. She likes to avoid any interactions that require leaving her two golden retrievers or changing out of pajamas, ergo can be found conducting all of her business on using the nickname golbeck. Her other interests include marathon running, surfing, travel, and the Chicago Cubs.

  • Jim Hughes develops trading systems so that chaps who still wear red braces can wager vast sums on the seemingly random fluctuations of financial exotica. Jim is also a mobile technology fanatic and spends far too much time tinkering with and writing about mobile phones for Mobitopia and All About Symbian and not enough time developing for them. He can frequently be found loitering as JimH in #mobitopia on freenode.

  • Maurits Dijkstra has been coding since his uncle bought him a QBasic book at the age of 12. If he's not busy studying for his exams, he works on BitlBee and tries to write proper Python code.

  • Nicholas S. Copeland is a Des Moines Area Community College student transferring to Iowa State University where he will study Computer Engineering. He purchased the Bersirc IRC client and shocked the Net by announcing that all future versions will be free (as in freedom and as in free beer). You can find him as TsTech in #bersirc on

  • Petr "Pasky" Baudis is a geeky Czech student who wasted his youth in front of a computer, addicted to IRC and the idea of free software. He is an IRCNet IRC operator, Linux and irssi fanatic, and maintains the ELinks text WWW browser. He also likes to read good stuff while listening to some nice music or the BBC World Service.

  • Steve Jolly is a particle physicist, mountaineer, photographer, and dilettante bot programmer. Once upon a time he held the Extreme Ironing World Altitude Record. When he grows up, he wants to be a fireman or an astronaut. Steve likes pie.

  • Thomas Whaples is currently a freshman and prospective Computer Science major at Wake Forest University. He has been involved in Internet community-related projects since 1999 and is currently a sysop on Wikipedia. He also works on the Economic History Services Network site ( He raises parakeets and lovebirds and dabbles in occasional artistic endeavors. He is available via IRC on freenode as FennecFoxen and on WorldIRC as Fennec. His web site is sometimes available off his laptop at His Wikipedia user page is

  • Wilmer van der Gaast (simply known as wilmer on most free software-minded IRC networks) became addicted to computer programming soon after he learned to read. Some time ago he also discovered IRC and wrote some bots and BitlBee. Meanwhile, he tries to finish his Computer Science study and spends most of the time at music festivals every summer.

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