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Test your knowledge of the material covered in this chapter by answering the following questions.



When you compile a Java program, what are you doing?

  1. Saving it to disk

  2. Converting it into a form the computer can better understand

  3. Adding it to your program collection


What is a variable?

  1. Something that wobbles but doesn't fall down

  2. Text in a program that the compiler ignores

  3. A place to store information in a program


What is the process of fixing errors called?

  1. Defrosting

  2. Debugging

  3. Decomposing



b. Compiling a program converts a .java file into a .class file or a set of .class files.


c. Variables are one place to store information; later you'll learn about others such as arrays and constants. Weebles wobble but they don't fall down, and comments are text in a program that the compiler ignores.


b. Because errors in a computer program are called bugs, fixing those errors is called debugging. Some programming tools come with a tool called a debugger that helps you fix errors.

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