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Hour 3. Vacationing in Java

Before you venture further into Java programming, it's worthwhile to learn more about the language and see what Java programmers are doing today. One of the reasons that Java became popular so quickly was because it could be used to offer programs on the World Wide Web. Though Java has outgrown its origins as a language focused on Web programs, you can still find some interesting examples of how Java is used on the Web.

During this hour, we'll take a look at some sites that feature Java programs and talk about the history and development of the language.

To go on this vacation, you need a web browser that can handle Java programs. The current versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and the Opera browser can run Java programs that are found on web pages.

Did you Know?

If you're using a current version of Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer and it isn't working with Java programs, check your setup configuration from one of the program's pull-down menus (Tools, Options in Firefox or Tools, Internet Options in Internet Explorer). Make sure your browser software has Java enabled in its settings.

Load your browser software of choice, put on your best batik shirt, and get ready to take a vacation. Because you won't be leaving your house, you won't get a chance to experience the simpler pleasures of tourism: odd driving rituals, exotic food, exotic members of the opposite sex, exotic members of the opposite sex with food, and so on. But look on the bright side: no antibacterial shots, traveler's checks, or passports are required either.

The following topics will be covered during this hour:

  • A definition of the Java language

  • The benefits of using Java

  • Some examples of Java at work

  • An explanation of object-oriented programming

  • Sites of note for Java programmers

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