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Workshop: Viewing the Code Used to Run Applets

As a short workshop to better familiarize yourself with the applet tag and how it can be used to alter the performance of an applet, visit this book's World Wide Web site at

Load this site by using one of the web browsers that can run Java applets, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari. Go to the section of the site labeled "Hour 4 Showcase," and you'll be given a guided tour through several working examples of applets.

On each of the pages in the Hour 4 Showcase, you can use a pull-down menu command to view the HTML tags that were used to create the page:

  • In Internet Explorer or Opera, choose View, Source.

  • In Navigator or Firefox, choose View, Page Source.

Compare the parameters that are used with each applet to the way the applet runs.

Appendix E, "This Book's Website," describes other things you can find on the book's site. The website is intended as a complement to the material covered in this book, and a way to find out about corrections, revisions, or other information that make these 24 hours more productive.

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