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Test your knowledge of the material covered in this chapter by answering the following questions.



Which type of Java program can be run by a Java interpreter?

  1. Applets

  2. Applications

  3. None


What special HTML tag is used to put a Java program onto a web page?

  1. <applet>

  2. <program>

  3. <run>


If you get into a fight with someone over the way to send information to a Java application, what are you doing?

  1. Struggling over strings

  2. Arguing about arguments

  3. Feudin' for functionality



b. Applications are run with the interpreter tool, and web pages containing applets can be run with the appletviewer tool as well as Java-capable World Wide Web browsers.


a. The <applet> tag is used along with the <param> tag to send parameters to the applet. You'll learn about a second tag that can be used to present applets during Hour 17.


b. Applications receive information in the form of arguments. Can't we all just get along?

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