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As the author of computer books, I spend a lot of time lurking in the computer section of bookstores, observing the behavior of shoppers browsing through the books as if they were hominid jawbones and I was a paleontologist.

Because of my research, I've learned that if you have picked up this book and turned to the introduction, I only have about 12 more seconds before you put it down and head to the coffee bar for a double tall latte decaf skim with two shots of vanilla hold the whip.

So I'll keep this brief: Computer programming with Java is a lot easier than it looks. I'm not supposed to tell you that, because there are thousands of programmers who have used their Java skills to get high-paying jobs in software development, web application programming, and e-commerce. The last thing any of them want is for their bosses to know that anyone who has persistence and a little free time can learn this language, the most popular programming language in use today. By working your way through each of the one-hour tutorials in Sams Teach Yourself Programming with Java in 24 Hours, Fourth Edition, you'll be able to learn Java programming quickly.

Anyone can learn how to write computer programs—even if they can't program a VCR. Java is one of the best programming languages to learn because it's a useful, powerful, modern technology that's embraced by thousands of programmers around the world.

This book is aimed at non-programmers, new programmers who hated learning the subject, and experienced programmers who want to quickly get up to speed with Java. It uses Java 2 version 5, the current version of the language.

Java is the Tiger Woods of programming languages because of the things it makes possible. You can create programs that feature a graphical user interface, design software that makes the most of the Internet, read XML data, add animation to World Wide Web pages, and more.

This book teaches Java programming from the ground up. It introduces the concepts in English instead of jargon, with plenty of step-by-step examples of working programs you will create. Spend 24 hours with this book and you'll be writing your own Java programs, confident in your ability to use the language and learn more about it. You also will have skills that are becoming increasingly important—such as network computing, graphical user interface design, and object-oriented programming.

These terms might not mean much to you now. In fact, they're probably the kind of thing that makes programming seem like a secret ritual for a weird group of humans who have a language of their own. However, if you can use a computer to create an attractive resume, balance your checkbook, or create a home page, you can write computer programs by reading Sams Teach Yourself Programming with Java in 24 Hours, Fourth Edition.

By the Way

At this point, if you would rather have coffee than Java, please reshelve this book with the front cover facing outward on an endcap with access to a lot of the store's foot traffic.

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