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Brett McLaughlin was the editor for the third edition of this book. He tried his best to keep me on schedule, and generally pulled things together at the end to get this book out the door. Thanks also to Paula Ferguson, who edited the second and first editions. And Frank Willison and Tim O'Reilly deserve credit for being willing and enthusiastic to try this all-example book format.

I've had the help of a number of O'Reilly's other Java authors with this book. Jonathan Knudsen, author of several Java books from O'Reilly, reviewed the graphics and the printing chapters. Bob Eckstein, coauthor of Java Swing, reviewed the Swing chapter. Jason Hunter, author of Java Servlet Programming and webmaster of servlets.com, reviewed the servlets chapter for the second edition, and then carefully reviewed it again when I rewrote it for the third edition. Brett McLaughlin, author of Java and XML, reviewed the XML chapter in both the second and third editions. George Reese, author of Database Programming with JDBC and Java, was kind enough to look over the database chapter. Jim Farley, author of Java Distributed Computing and coauthor of Java Enterprise in a Nutshell, reviewed the RMI examples. The expertise contributed by these reviewers has dramatically improved the quality of my examples. I am indebted to them all and recommend their books highly!

Other reviewers are not O'Reilly authors but, given the quality of their reviews, they probably ought to be. Alvin Wen of Westbridge Technology reviewed the New I/O chapter, pointed out omissions, and even debugged one of the examples for me. The chapter on the Java Sound API was reviewed by Florian Bomers and Matthias Pfisterer, maintainers of the excellent Java Sound Resources web site, jsresources.org. Their careful explanations greatly improved the chapter.

The production team at O'Reilly & Associates has again done a great job of turning the manuscript I submitted into an honest-to-goodness book. As usual, I am grateful to and awestruck by them.

Finally, my thanks and love to Christie.

David Flanagan
October 2003
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