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EvalError thrown when eval( ) is used improperly


JavaScript 1.5; JScript 5.5; ECMAScript v3

Inherits from/Overrides

Inherits from Error


new EvalError(  )

new EvalError(message)



An optional error message that provides details about the exception. If specified, this argument is used as the value for the message property of the EvalError object.


A newly constructed EvalError object. If the message argument is specified, the Error object will use it as the value of its message property; otherwise, it will use an implementation-defined default string as the value of that property. When the EvalError( ) constructor is called as a function, without the new operator, it behaves just as it does when called with the new operator.



An error message that provides details about the exception. This property holds the string passed to the constructor or an implementation-defined default string. See Error.message for details.


A string that specifies the type of the exception. All EvalError objects inherit the value "EvalError" for this property.


An instance of the EvalError class may be thrown when the global function eval( ) is invoked under any other name. See eval( ) for an explanation of the restrictions on how this function may be invoked. See Error for details about throwing and catching exceptions.

See Also

Error, Error.message,

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