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Array.join( ) concatenate array elements to form a string


JavaScript 1.1; JScript 2.0; ECMAScript v1


array.join( ) 




An optional character or string used to separate one element of the array from the next in the returned string. If this argument is omitted, a comma is used.


The string that results from converting each element of array to a string and then concatenating them together, with the separator string between elements.


join( ) converts each of the elements of an array to a string and then concatenates those strings, inserting the specified separator string between the elements. It returns the resulting string.

You can perform a conversion in the opposite direction -- splitting a string up into array elements -- with the split( ) method of the String object. See the String.split( ) reference page for details.


a = new Array(1, 2, 3, "testing");

s = a.join("+");  // s is the string "1+2+3+testing"

See Also

String.split( )

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