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Array.shift( ) shift array elements down


JavaScript 1.2; JScript 5.5; ECMAScript v3


array.shift( )


The former first element of the array.


shift( ) removes and returns the first element of array, shifting all subsequent elements down one place to occupy the newly vacant space at the start of the array. If the array is empty, shift( ) does nothing and returns the undefined value. Note that shift( ) does not create a new array; instead, it modifies array directly.

shift( ) is similar to Array.pop( ), except it operates on the beginning of an array rather than the end. shift( ) is often used in conjunction with unshift( ).


var a = [1, [2,3], 4]

a.shift(  );  // Returns 1; a = [[2,3], 4]

a.shift(  );  // Returns [2,3]; a = [4]

See Also

Array.pop( ), Array.unshift( )

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