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Viewing Images

A useful tool for designers is the ability to view all the images on a page, apart from the layout of the page. Script 17.8 allows you to peek behind the scenes of someone else's page and see a list of the page's individual images, the height and width of the images (in modern browsers), and their URLs.

Script 17.8. You can view a table of page images with this script.

javascript:var imgWin,i,outText='',di=document. images;for (i=0;i<di.length;i++){if(
outText. indexOf(di[i].src)<0){outText+='<tr><td> <img src='+di[i].src+'/></td><td>'+di[i].
 height+'</td><td>'+di[i].width+'</td> <td>'+di[i].src+'</td></tr>'}};if(outText 
==''){alert('No images!');}else{imgWin='','IW','width=800,height=600,
 scrollbars=yes');void(imgWin.document.body. innerHTML='<table border=1 cellpadding=10> 
<tr><th>Image</th><th>Height</th><th>Width </th><th>URL</th></tr>'+outText+'</table>');}

To view images:

javascript:var imgWin,i,outText= '',di=document.images;

The bookmarklet starts and initializes four variables: imgWin; i; outText, which will later contain all the output; and di, which contains the document.images object.

for (i=0;i<di.length;i++){

We now loop through each image in the document.


In this step, we check to see if we've already put the image on the page. This line of code keeps that from happening more than once.

outText+='<tr><td><img src='+di[i]. src+'/></td><td>'+di[i].height+ '</td><td>'+di[i].
width+'</td><td>' +di[i].src+'</td></tr>'}};

All the information we want is written out here, in a nice table format. The first cell contains the image; the second contains the height; the third, the width; and the last contains the URL of the image.


When the loop completes, check to see if we've found any images.

alert('No images!');

If there weren't any images found in step 5, an alert window that says "No images!" is displayed.

else{'','IW', 'width=800,height=600,scrollbars= yes');

If we found images, open up a new window for the image information.

void(imgWin.document.body. innerHTML='<table border=1 cellpadding=10><tr><th>Image </
th><th>Height</th><th>Width </th><th>URL</th></tr>'+outText+ '</table>');}

Here is where the new window is created and displayed. The image information, with heading information for each column, is written out, as shown in Figure 17.16.

Figure 17.16. This script formats the images and information into an attractive table.

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