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List of Tables

Chapter 1: JavaScript Programming Basics

Table 1.1: Bad and Good Identifiers
Table 1.2: Primitive Data Types
Table 1.3: Special Data Types
Table 1.4: typeof() return values
Table 1.5: Arithmetic Operators
Table 1.6: Relational Operators
Table 1.7: Bitwise and Logical Operators
Table 1.8: Logical AND
Table 1.9: Logical OR
Table 1.10: Logical NOT
Table 1.11: Miscellaneous Operators

Chapter 3: Arrays and Strings

Table 3.2: Compare Function Return Value

Chapter 7: The Document Object Model

Table 7.1: <A> Event Handlers
Table 7.2: Event Handlers
Table 7.3: <APPLET> Event Handlers
Table 7.4: <AREA> Event Handlers
Table 7.5: Event Handlers
Table 7.6: <BODY> Event Handlers
Table 7.7: <DIV> Event Handlers
Table 7.8: <IMG> Event Handlers
Table 7.9: <OBJECT> Event Handlers
Table 7.10: <SELECT> Event Handlers
Table 7.11: <TEXTAREA> Event Handlers

Chapter 9: Windows and Frames

Table 9.1: Window Features

Chapter 10: Handling Web Browser, Screen Resolution, and Color Depth Differences

Table 10.1: Common Color Depths
Table 10.2: Color Constants

Chapter 12: Ensuring JavaScript Security

Table 12.1: Netscape Signed Script Privileges
Table 12.2: Privileged Features

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