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<description>, <display-name>, and <icon>

These three elements provide information a development tool can use to describe the application. These three elements are not top-level elements themselves but can be nested within most top-level elements.


<description [xml:lang="lang"]>description</description>

<display-name [xml:lang="lang"]>displayName</display-name>

<icon [xml:lang="lang"]>




The <icon> element can contain a <small-icon> and a <large-icon> element, each with a context-relative path to an image file (GIF and JPEG formats are supported). The small icon must be 16x16 pixels, and the large 32x32. The <display-name> element can specify a name for the entity described by the parent element, and the <description> element a longer description.

You can use different versions of all these elements for multiple languages, each with a unique xml:lang attribute value ("en", for English, is the default value):





<display-name>The application name</display-name>


  A longer description of

  the application.

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