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The JSF specification is developed through the Java Community Process (JCP) by representatives from companies large and small, as well as individuals like me. I'd like to thank all JSF Expert Group (EG) members that actively participated in this effort, especially Oracle's Adam Winer—I'm not sure what we would have done without you. Kudos also to the specification leads: Ed Burns for keeping track of all the issues we had to resolve and Craig McClanahan for his patience when I lost mine.

I'm also grateful to all those who helped me review the book and spot errors: Adam Winer, Craig McClanahan, Steve Bang, Pierre Delisle, and Janne Andersson; your comments definitely improved the material presented in this book. Thanks also to Dan Malks for connecting my design ideas to the J2EE patterns described in his Core J2EE Patterns: Best Practices and Design Strategies book (Prentice Hall). Unfortunately, it was too late to include the references in this edition of the book, but I hope to do so in a future edition.

It takes a lot of people to turn my words into a real book. I like to thank everyone at O'Reilly for their hard work and for giving me the opportunity to write, especially my editor Mike Loukides for his thoughtful suggestions, Colleen Gorman for great copyediting and for being so flexible, and Robert Romano for making art out of my simple drawings.

Many thanks also to my family and friends around the world for their support and encouragement, and for Friday nights at the Lighthouse with my friends in Vesica Pisces (, Brian, Adam, and Nuss), Rob, Dave, Becky, James, Tamie, and the rest of the gang. Cheers!

Hans Bergsten

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