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Why won't my included file show up?


If you entered the correct filename and the JSP engine didn't report an error while including the file, chances are that the place where you included the file causes it to not show up. For example, if you include some tags within the <head> tag, they probably won't show up. Likewise, if you include the file within an HTML comment, it won't show up. View Source from your browser and see what's being sent from your JSP. Most browsers let you right-click the page and select a View Source option. Some browsers also have a View Source option on the main menu.


Why doesn't my JSP recompile when I change the contents of the included file?


The JSP specification doesn't require JSP engines to check included files to see whether they have changed. Yours probably doesn't.


Why do I get an HTTP Error 500 when I try to access a JSP with an included file?


Most likely, the included file has some error that prevents it from being compiled. Check the log files of your JSP engine to see what the error is, or just try to access the included file directly. By accessing it directly, you should see any errors on your screen.

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