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How This Book Is Organized

Getting Started

The first 4 hours are your basic training. When you finish these chapters, you'll know almost everything you need to know to create JSPs and servlets and use them in simple applications. The concepts introduced in this first part are applied throughout the rest of the book.

Core Components In-Depth

Hours 5 through 14 give you more background into JavaServer Pages and servlets. You'll learn how to work with JSPs and servlets by exploring the APIs and runtime environments. In addition, you'll extend your knowledge of how to use them in more advanced applications.

JSP Key Features

Hours 15 through 19 introduce you to many of the features of JSP 2.0, including the Expression Language, custom tags, and JSTL. Here, you will also learn how to use databases and XML in dynamic Web applications.

Advanced Topics

The last 5 hours will teach you how to use JSPs and servlets together in Web applications. It covers Struts and JavaServer Faces. It also addresses application-wide topics such as internationalization, security, and performance.


Appendix A, "Apache Tomcat," will help you get started with Apache Tomcat. Appendix B, "Packaging a Web Application," reveals the details of how to package and deploy your Web applications. The appendixes are available only on the included CD.

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