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Conventions Used in This Book

This book uses the following typographic conventions to make reading easier:

  • New terms appear in boldface. The italic attribute is used for emphasis.

  • All code listings and commands appear in a special monospace font.

  • Replaceable elements and placeholders use italic monospace.

By the Way


By the Way elements explain interesting or important points that can help you understand significant concepts and techniques. This isn't necessarily information you need to know, but it can be useful and interesting if you take the time to read it.

Did You Know?


Did You Know? elements describe shortcuts and alternative approaches to gaining an objective. They often give you a real-world, practical perspective on the topic or task at hand.

Watch Out!


Every Watch Out! offers a warning about something you must look out for to avoid potentially costly and frustrating problems. Don't ignore these, because they can save you time and frustration.

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