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Recipe 7.8 Using a JSP to Add a Parameter to a Query String


You want to use a JSP to add one or more parameters to a query string, then forward the request to its destination.


Use the jsp:forward and jsp:param standard actions.


Adding one or more parameters and forwarding to another component is as easy as four lines in a JSP. The jsp:forward action adds any jsp:params to existing parameters when it forwards this text to the processing component, as shown in Example 7-13.

Example 7-13. Adding parameters and forwarding in a JSP
<jsp:forward  page="/viewPost.jsp" >
    <jsp:param name="inspector-name" value="Jen"/>
<jsp:param name="inspector-email" value="jenniferq@yahoo.com"/>

If this JSP is requested with the following URL:


then the three original parameters (first, last, and zip) are preserved when the jsp:forward action adds two additional parameters (inspector-name, inspector-email) and forwards the page. In the example, the page is processed by the viewPost.jsp page shown in Example 7-3. Requesting addParam.jsp in a browser forwards the request, and a total of five parameters to the viewPost.jsp page. Figure 7-5 shows the result in a browser.

See Also

Recipe 7.2 on handling a POST request in a JSP; Recipe 7.3 on setting the properties of a JavaBean to form input; Recipe 7.6 on posting data from a JSP.

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