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Recipe 13.3. Creating a Knoppix Boot Diskette

13.3.1 Problem

Your system will not boot from a CD, but you would still like to use Knoppix. How do you get a Knoppix boot diskette?

13.3.2 Solution

Knoppix comes with a boot image all ready to copy to a diskette. Load and mount your Knoppix CD on any Linux system, load a new, blank diskette, and run:

# dd if=/cdrom/KNOPPIX/boot.img  of=/dev/fd0 bs=1440k

You can also create the boot diskette in Windows. Open a DOS window, then open the KNOPPIX directory on the CD:

c:> d:

d:> cd \KNOPPIX

Then create the diskette:

d:> mkfloppy.bat

Boot the system with the diskette, stick in the Knoppix CD when it tells you to, and you're in business.

13.3.3 Discussion

Including a DOS batch file to make a Knoppix boot diskette is a nice touch—another handy tool for your rescue kit.

13.3.4 See Also

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