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Recipe 13.4. Saving Your Knoppix Configuration on a USB Memory Stick

13.4.1 Problem

You would like to save your Knoppix configuration, such as network settings and desktop configuration, so you don't have to start over every time.

13.4.2 Solution

This is a perfect job for one of those little USB memory sticks. Boot Knoppix with the memory stick inserted. On the Knoppix menu, look for Configuration Save KNOPPIX Configuration. Select /dev/sda1 as the device to save it to.

Now when you boot Knoppix, make sure your USB stick is inserted, and use the following boot command:

knoppix myconfig=/dev/sda1

You may also make Knoppix autodetect it:

knoppix myconfig=scan

13.4.3 Discussion

256- and 512-MB USB pen drives are getting dirt cheap. Carry one of these and a Knoppix disk, and you can make yourself at home almost anywhere.

13.4.4 See Also

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