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Recipe 13.8. Copying Files to a CD-R/RW

13.8.1 Problem

You have a CD writer on your PC, and you would like to burn files to a CD-R/RW.

13.8.2 Solution

The absolute easiest way is to use K3b. Start up Knoppix, and open System K3b Setup. K3b will automatically find your CD drives; verify this in step 3 of the setup wizard. In step 6, add any non-root users you want to use K3b. (Remember, you need to create the users first.)

When you're finished with the setup wizard, close it, and open System K3b. Click File New Project. Simply drag and drop the files you want to copy, hit the Burn button, and you're done.

13.8.3 Discussion

K3b is a great CD/DVD-writing interface, one of the best on any platform. It is logically organized, and it hides all the grotty details of CD/DVD writing, so you don't have to navigate bales of windows and menus to burn a disc, or bother with odd terminology like "Joliet," "Rock Ridge," or "El Torito." While it is good to know the inner workings of a program, it is also nice when the computer does the work.

13.8.4 See Also

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