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Recipe 16.13. Creating a Message of the Day for rsync

16.13.1 Problem

You're running an rsync server, by running rsync in daemon mode, and you think it would be nice to greet users with a cheery daily message.

16.13.2 Solution

First create your MOTD, in a plain text file, then configure the path to the file in rsyncd.conf:

motd file = /etc/rsync/motd

When users connect to your server, they will see your message:

sue@workstation:~$ rsync server1::

Greetings from Asbury Park! I'm Bruce, and I'll be your rsync server today!


backup_dir1      server1 archive

sue_backup       sue's private stuff

16.13.3 Discussion

You don't have to settle for dull old text messages. ASCII art makes a nice MOTD; see Chapter 16 for an example.

Figure 16-1. An ASCII message of the day

Create your own with the FIGlets ASCII generator, available at

16.13.4 See Also

  • rsync(1), rsyncd.conf(5)

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