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Recipe 16.16. Creating a Bootable System Restore DVD with Mondo Rescue

16.16.1 Problem

You would like to put your system backup on a single DVD, instead of several CDs.

16.16.2 Solution

Run Mondo Rescue from the command line, instead of using the graphical interface, and create an .iso. Then burn the .iso to DVD. In addition to the Mondo Rescue components listed in the "Discussion" section of Recipe Recipe 16.14, you'll need dvd+rw-tools and cdrtools.

The first command creates an .iso, and the second command copies it to the DVD:

# mondoarchive -OVmF -5 -S /tmp/scratch -T /tmp/mondo -E "/home /shared /var/www" \

-i -d /tmp/iso

# growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/scd0=/tmp/iso

16.16.3 Discussion

This task can also be performed from the Mondo graphical interface. In the opening screen, select "Backup to Hard Disk." Using the command line gives you greater control; for example, you can turn off the prompt to create boot floppies and disable ejecting the drive tray.

This is what the various mondoarchive command flags mean:


Create a backup.


Verify the backup.


Don't eject the drive tray. Use this for unattended backups and for laptops, which usually do not have self-retracting disc trays.


Don't ask to create boot floppies.


Compression level. The range is 0-9, with 0 being uncompressed and 9 the greatest level of compression. The default is 3.


Location of the scratch directory, where images are built before being archived.


The directory where other temporary files are stored.


List directories that are to be excluded from the backup. Removable mounts, /tmp, and /proc are automatically excluded.


Create .iso images.


The directory where the completed .iso is to be stored. The default is /root/images/mondo.

16.16.4 See Also

  • mondoarchive(1), growisofs(1)

  • Your locally installed Mondo documentation (/usr/share/doc/mondo/hml/1.6x-howto)

  • Mondo user forums (

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