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Recipe 16.17. Using Mondo Rescue to Clone Linux Systems

16.17.1 Problem

You have a number of identical PCs, and you want to install identical custom Linux configurations on each one. It sounds easy, but in practice, installing the same custom configuration on two or more PCs is a pain and error-prone. Mondo Rescue makes it easy.

16.17.2 Solution

First, customize a single Linux installation to your specifications. Then create a Mondo CD or DVD from your customized system, and use it for your new installations. Boot to the Mondo disk, then select "Nuke" to perform the installation. It will overwrite anything that is already installed and create an exact copy of your customized Linux.

16.17.3 Discussion

This is a nice timesaver when you have a particular server configuration to replicate, or when you want to roll out a number of identical workstations. Don't forget to tweak network settings, such as hostnames and static IPs, and to set up user accounts as needed.

16.17.4 See Also

  • mondoarchive(1)

  • Your locally installed Mondo documentation (/usr/share/doc/mondo/hml/1.6x-howto)

  • Mondo user forums (

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