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Recipe 16.18. Using the mindi-kernel for a "Sane" Backup

16.18.1 Problem

Your Linux kernel is missing some of the elements Mondo needs to create a bootable rescue disk. You know this because when you tried to boot your Mondo rescue disk, it failed with a "VFS: Unable to mount root fs" error. What do you do next? How do you create a useable rescue disk?

16.18.2 Solution

Use the mindi-kernel to create your Mondo rescue disk.

The mindi-kernel is a failsafe 2.4.7 kernel provided by the Mondo authors. If you're using Mondo's graphical interface, it will ask you if you want to use the mindi-kernel. Say yes.

Use the -k flag to specify it at the command line:


16.18.3 Discussion

Debian users may need to install the mindi-kernel separately.

The mindi-kernel does not replace your system kernel; all it does is ensure a bootable rescue disk.

16.18.4 See Also

  • mondoarchive(1)

  • Your locally installed Mondo documentation (/usr/share/doc/mondo/hml/1.6x-howto)

  • Mondo user forums (

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