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Recipe 16.20. Restoring Selected Files from a Mondo Disk

16.20.1 Problem

You just need to replace a few selected files; you don't want to nuke your system and start over.

16.20.2 Solution

Boot your Mondo disk, and run it in interactive mode.

Type interactive at the prompt. Mondo will ask you which partitions to mount. Select the ones you want by editing the mountlist. Then follow the prompts:

Do you want to partition your devices? no

Do you want to format them? no

Do you want to restore everything? no

Do you want to restore something? yes

Which path do you want to restore? /etc/rsync

Select your restore path: /etc/rsync

Mondo will give you the option to try to boot your system directly from Mondo when you're finished restoring files, but it's usually simpler to remove the Mondo disk and reboot.

16.20.3 Discussion

You may wish to restore to the default path, which is /mnt/RESTORE, and review the files before copying them to their final locations.

16.20.4 See Also

  • mondoarchive(1)

  • Your locally installed Mondo documentation (/usr/share/doc/mondo/hml/1.6x-howto)

  • Mondo user forums (

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