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Recipe 23.3. Building a Windows/Linux Peer Network

23.3.1 Problem

You think an anonymous file server is nice, but even better is a peer-to-peer network, where users are able to share files directly with each other. You want your Windows and Linux users to be able to do this without passwords or other impedimentsójust click and go.

23.3.2 Solution

Linux hosts need only to install both the server and client components of Samba, then set up shares just like the Samba server in Recipe Recipe 23.2.

Your Windows hosts need to make sure that file sharing is enabled on their systems, and then set up their shared directories. Windows NT/2000 users need to enable their "guest" accounts to give outside users access to their shares. Windows XP users must enable sharing by running the Network Setup Wizard. Each PC must belong to the same workgroup; in this chapter, that is "workgroup."

Now your Windows hosts can simply browse Network Neighborhood/My Network Places to find all shared resources on the LAN. Linux users, refer to Recipe 23.17 and Section 23.18 to learn how to connect to a Samba peer network.

23.3.3 Discussion

Don't have NetBEUI or Novell Networking (IPX/SPX) installed, unless you are sure you need them. They get in the way and slow down performance.

When a PC first boots up, it can take a few minutes for its shares to be broadcast to everyone, so have a little patience.

23.3.4 See Also

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