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Recipe 6.8. Finding and Opening Files in JOE

6.8.1 Problem

You have lots of work to do. Lots of files to edit, lots of tasks to accomplish. You don't want to be starting and stopping JOE all the time. You want to search for files and open them without leaving JOE.

6.8.2 Solution

To search for files from inside JOE, use ^K R or ^K E. This either opens an existing file, or creates a new file:

^K E

Name of file to edit (^C to abort):

Use tab completion to expand existing filenames. In this example, type ga, then hit Tab twice. JOE inserts the asterisk when you hit the Tab key, so don't type it yourself:

^K E

Name of file to edit (^C to abort)*

.gaby/   .gaim/   .gaimrc  .galeon/

To navigate up and down the file tree, use Enter/Return to go "down" the tree; Backspace to go "up," or toward the root directory (but aren't roots down in the earth?); and Tab to select.

To insert an existing file at the cursor, use:

^K R

Name of file to edit (^C to abort):

Remember the window navigation commands:

^K O

Opens a new window.

^K I

Shows all/ hides inactive windows.

^K P and ^K N

Navigates up and down between windows.

6.8.3 Discussion

Even though JOE does not have mouse support, you can copy and paste from other applications with the mouse, in an X session. This is a terminal function, not a JOE function. You'll need to use the classic Unix method: highlight text with the mouse, then click the middle mouse button to paste. Don't use ^V or ^C, because those mean other things in JOE.

6.8.4 See Also

  • joe(1)

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