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12.4. Configure the Application for the Performance Hunt

The next step in the investigation is to set up the application for the performance hunt. prelink is a small and self-contained application. In fact, it does not even use any shared libraries. (It is statically linked.) However, it is a good idea to recompile it with all the symbols so that we can examine it in the debugger (gdb) if we need to. Again, this tool uses the configure command to generate the makefiles. We must download the source to prelink and recompile it with symbols. We can once again download the source rpms for prelink from Red Hat. The source will be installed in /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES. Once we unpack prelink's source code, we compile it as shown in Listing 12.6.

Listing 12.6.

env CFLAGS=-g3 ./configure


After prelink is configured and compiled, we can use the binary we compiled to investigate the performance problems.

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