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A.1 Project Identification

This section contains high-level information regarding your embedded system. Most of the information required for this section can be found in Chapter 1. Table A-1 describes each field in the "Project identification" section.

Table A-1. Description of "Project identification" fields




The name of the project.

Internal ID

The number or string uniquely identifying this project in your organization.

Project leader

The main person in charge of the project.

Start date

The date at which the project started.

Expected completion date

The date at which the project is expected to be finished.

Project description

A high-level description of your project.

Type of system

The type of the system as presented in Chapter 1.


One of: small, medium, or large. See Chapter 1 for the complete description of each embedded Linux system type.

Time constraints

One of: mild or stringent. See Chapter 1 for the discussion regarding each type of time constraint.

Degree of user interaction

A qualitative measure of how elaborate the system's user interface is. See Chapter 1 for examples.

Are networking services offered or used?

One of: yes or no.

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