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A.10 Debug Notes

This section contains information about debugging your project. The information in this section is to be used in conjunction with the explanations provided in Chapter 11. Debugging is a creative process, and it is done differently by each developer. This worksheet section is, therefore, only meant to be a summary. It is very likely that your team will need to maintain its own up-to-date bug list during project development. Table A-10 describes each field in the "Debug notes" section.

Table A-10. Description of "Debug notes" fields



Tools used

The detailed list of tools used to debug the system.

Summary of major bugs found

A summary of the most important bugs found in your system.

System's fragilities

Every system has its weaknesses. Listing these explicitly will help you, and others that work on this system, keep an eye out for problems that may be caused by these fragilities.

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