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A.9 Custom Project Software

This section provides information regarding your custom software project. This information can be obtained only by analyzing your own software. This isn't meant to be a complete description of such software. It is expected that your team has its own internal documentation regarding the project's architecture and internals. This worksheet section is really just a summary meant to provide a bird's eye view of how your custom software interacts with the rest of the system. Table A-9 describes each field in the "Custom project software" section.

Table A-9. Description of "Custom project software" fields



Main source repository

The main repository where your project's source code is stored.

Code maintainer

The main person in charge of the project's source code.

Location in target root filesystem

The complete path to the final location of the project's components on your target's root filesystem.

Binary size

The total size of all binaries in your project.

Data size

The total maximum size occupied by your project's data.


The other software packages on which your project depends. The C library is likely to be one of the dependencies listed here.

Initialization procedure

The way in which the software is started by the other system components. If your software is launched by init, say it here.

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